Milton Popular Floor Wiper (Aqual Green)

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ColourAqual Green
BrandSpotzero By Milton

About this item

  • Material: Plastic, Color: Aqual Green
  • Angular design
  • 40.8cm wide
  • Durable

    Product description

    Spotzero presents a vast range of innovative products suited for all types of cleaning. Angular design. It is 40.8cm wide. The base of the product is made from high quality foam, which makes it easier to push water along the floor. The handle has a loop for hanging. This product is made from high grade material which ensures long lasting life.

    From the manufacturer

    • Foam material
    • Plastic handle
    • Convenient grip
    • Durable and lightweight

    Spotzero by Milton Popular Floor Wipe, Aqua Green

    Save your Time and Effort with Swift Cleaning

    To keep your home clean, you require an assortment of cleaning items. Spotzero by Milton offers a large variety of dusting and cleaning products for providing you with easy and convenient cleaning options. The cleaning tools from this brand are ergonomically designed for comfortable use. This floor wiper made of foam efficiently cleans your rooms, kitchen or bathroom from dust or water at a single go.

    Plastic Material

    This wiper from Spotzero by Milton is made of plastic material which makes it lightweight and easy to use. The material also ensures longevity as plastic does not wear out easily.

    Efficient Cleaning

    This Milton Floor Wiper cleans with efficiency, clearing the dust and water with a single swipe. It wipes out all the dust from every corner of the room, thanks to its ergonomic shape that reaches the edges without effort.

    Easy to Hang

    The wiper is made of foam which makes it very lightweight. The loop on the handle also makes it easy to hang on the wall for fast drying and convenient storage.

    Foam Material

    The wiper is made of foam material. This ensures good absorption of water or dust into it thus making the cleaning process easier and swifter. The foam is able to soak a large quantity of water in one go.

    Wide Structure

    The Floor wiper from Spotzero by Milton has a 40.8 cm wiping area which helps in cleaning a large area at a time. It can cover larger portions of the floor and therefore can clean quickly.

    Convenient Grip

    This room cleaning product from Spotzero by Milton is accompanied by a convenient grip that lets you have a firm hold over it. The grip ensures the wiper will not slip from your hand while providing maximum comfort.

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