Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker 3.5 liter

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  • Hard anodized coating
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Material : aluminium

    Product description

    Size:3.5 Litres

    Product Description

    Anodised Aluminium Pressure Cooker

    If you are looking for a high-quality pressure cooker, then the Hawkins Contura pressure cooker is ideal for you. This pressure cooker comes with a hard anodised aluminium body and a stainless steel lid. The anodised aluminium allows you to cook your food in quick time as it conducts heat faster. As your food is cooked faster, you can conveniently conserve energy. Furthermore, the hard anodised aluminium pressure cooker does not react with food making it safe for daily use. This Contura pressure cooker has a 60-micron thick anti-corrosive hard anodised black aluminium that ensures the cooker remains new and shiny for years.

    Designed for Safety and Comfort

    This Hawkins pressure cooker has a capacity of 3.5L, making it sufficient for preparing a meal for four to five people. It also has an ergonomically designed stay cool handle that ensures you a comfortable grip even when you are cooking. Additionally, the handle features a locking loop and sealing gasket that provide additional safety while you cook. Furthermore, a cover interlock feature also safeguards you further by keeping the cooker locked until the steam pressure reduces to a safe level. To regulate the operating pressure of this 3.5 litre pressure cooker from Hawkins, the weight of its pressure regulator is accurately calibrated.

    • Brand: Hawkins
    • Colour: Black
    • Material: Hard anodised aluminium
    • Capacity: 3.5L
    • Anti-corrosive, resistant to chipping and scorching
    • Non-toxic and non-reactive to food
    • Stays looking new for years
    • Curved body for easy stirring and better visibility of food

    From the Manufacturer

    The Hawkins Contura Hard Anodised Aluminium Pressure Cooker is an exquisite pick for consumers looking for quality products. This pressure cooker is exclusively for use on a gas stove, and not induction tops.

    Its body is made of hard anodised aluminium, which has a lot of benefits. Unlike stainless steel, which is heavy and expensive, hard anodised aluminium is cost-effective and thermally more efficient as it conducts heat two times faster and uniformly. This way, it helps conserve energy, while ensuring fine cooking. Conventional cast aluminium cookers can get stained with excessive use and alter the flavour of a meal. This model has a 60-micron thick hard anodised black aluminium finish which is non-toxic, non-reactive to food, resistant to corrosion, chipping, scorching, and hot spots. It is durable, easy to clean, and stays lustrous for years together.

    It comes with a light stainless steel lid that is safe and handy. With a 3.5 litre capacity, it is sufficient enough to cook a wholesome meal for 4 to 5 people. The cooker also has adequate space for the steam to build-up inside the unit.

    Ergonomically designed, its elegant handle, with a locking loop and sealing gasket, offers a great deal of comfort and safety. A cover interlock safety scheme is adopted in this model, ensuring that the cooker is locked until the pressure drops to a safe level. Its base diameter is 150 mm and base thickness is 3.25 mm. The pressure regulator weight is accurately calibrated to regulate the operating pressure of the cooker too. A detailed instruction manual and a useful recipe book are included in this pressure cooker.

    Product Features
    • Weighs 2.11 kg.
    • Is available in black colour.
    • Has a 60-micron thick hard anodised aluminium body.
    • Has a capacity of 3.5 litres.
    • Comes with a warranty of 5 years.

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